Overboost Light Roast By Crankshaft Roasters

Overboost Light Roast By Crankshaft Roasters

Coffee lovers, rejoice! Today, we're embarking on a delightful journey into the world of Overboost, a single origin, natural-processed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee. Known for its notes of blueberries, stone fruits, and baked pastries, this coffee promises a flavor profile that's nothing short of exceptional. Whether you're a devoted pourover enthusiast or a dedicated drip coffee aficionado, Overboost Light Roast is here to elevate your morning ritual. In this review, we'll dive deep into the magical world of this enchanting coffee.

The Origin Story

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is renowned for its exceptional quality, and Overboost Light Roast is no exception. The beans are sourced from the birthplace of coffee, the Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia, where they thrive under ideal conditions. The natural processing method allows the beans to absorb the fruity flavors from their surroundings, creating a coffee to turbocharge every morning!

Tasting Notes

The tasting notes of this coffee are nothing short of poetry for the palate. With each sip, you'll be transported to a world of delightful flavors:

1. Blueberries: The prominent blueberry notes are like a sweet, tangy embrace for your taste buds. They add a bright, fruity dimension to the coffee that's both refreshing and intriguing.

2. Stone Fruits: The coffee boasts a luscious, stone fruit aroma that carries through to the flavor. Hints of peach and apricot make their presence known, adding depth and complexity to each sip.

3. Baked Pastries: The subtler, more comforting notes of baked pastries round out the experience. Think warm, pancakes or muffins. They provide a cozy, familiar feeling that complements the other flavors beautifully with aromas of maple syrup. 

Brewing Methods

Overboost Light Roast is incredibly versatile, making it a perfect choice for various brewing methods. Here are two popular options that really let this coffee shine:

1. Pourover: We really love to brew Overboost with either a V60 or Chemex.. The result is a well-balanced cup that highlights the coffee's intricate flavor notes.

2. Drip Coffee: Don't have time to break out the v60 or Chemex? We get it. Throw some Overboost in your coffee maker - it's an easy way to turbocharge your mornings!



Overboost is an excellent choice to perk up your mornings. With notes of blueberry muffins, pancakes, and maple syrup, it is truly a great coffee to try out. We give Overboost a 9.4/10 rating making it one of our absolute favorite coffees. click the link here to try it out!


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