v60 pourover technique

How to Brew with A V60 - Pourover Made Easy!

Brewing with a V60 is an easy and delicious way to get the perfect cup of coffee. Here's a simple 6 step guide for getting started:

1. Gather your supplies: You'll need a V60 pour-over brewer, freshly ground coffee beans, a 16oz mug or carafe to collect your brewed coffee in, filtered water if you don't want to use tap water, and optionally, a kettle for precise water temperature control. 

2. Coffee: You can make a pourover with any variety of coffee you'd like, from light roasts to dark roasts. Here at Crankshaft Roasters, we default to light roasts for our pourover and drip coffees. Our Overboost Light Roast is an excellent choice for an outstanding pourover. 

3. Measure out your desired amount of coffee beans using a kitchen scale and grind them until they are medium-coarse in texture. We recommend 30g of coffee at a 1:16 ratio. I.e. 30g of coffee, 480g of water. 

4. Place the filter into the V60 brewer `and pre-wet it with some hot water to get rid of any papery flavor that may taint the taste of your brew. Discard the water afterwards.

5. Add your ground coffee in the filter and spread it out evenly so that all grounds will be fully saturated when you pour the hot water over them. Tap down slightly to make sure all grounds are level before steeping begins. At this point I like pressing my thumb into the mound to create a little hole for water to begin collecting in. Then I start the brew process. 

6. Slowly begin pouring hot (about 200°F) water over the grounds in circular motions, making sure no grounds remain dry throughout the process. Carefully add in 60g of water or 2x the amount of water to ground ratio. During the next 30 seconds the coffee will begin to bloom. At this point in time you will want to gently swirl the brewer to create an even saturation of the grounds. At the 40 second mark begin adding in additional water. 

Once you have reached 60% of water added, give it a good stir and then add in the remaining amount of water. 

Brew time should be around 3 minutes. 

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